Grammy award winning Ray Herrmann has performed concerts and recorded with many top pop and jazz names like LeAnn Rimes, Christine Aguilera, Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, George Benson, just to name a few; with numerous appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “The Late Show,” and countless TV specials. He also has recorded over 200 albums and motion picture soundtracks. Ray currently tours with the band Chicago and was a member of the house band on the famous TV series, “American Idol” for over seven seasons. In addition, Ray is a composer and arranger for many top artists within the music industry. He and his wife Theresa co-founded Little Lamb Music.

Music was pretty much Ray’s whole life growing up in Chicago, Illinois. He started to study the piano when he was six, and at seven, added the clarinet. During high school Ray picked up the flute and saxophone. After receiving a Masters in Music degree from the famed University of North Texas, he moved to Los Angeles and has worked with the biggest names in the music business.


Ray will often share, “we can never give enough thanks to our parents who have taught us to stay in the presence of God and practice our Catholic faith by attending Mass, as often as possible, staying close to all the sacraments in the Church, and praying the Rosary. There are many distractions in life and especially working in the entertainment industry. But there is something to be said about putting God first.”



Many people ask us how we teamed up with the Redemptorists. Actually, they found us at our website, They wanted very much to reproduce the music of St. Alphonsus Liguori to help raise money for their missions in Brazil and Nigeria. We jumped at the chance immediately to work with such a great group of missionaries. We firmly believe in the many graces of the Rosary and those graces have impacted our family beyond words. We knew of St. Alphonsus’ devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, his book "The Glories of Mary," and it totally made sense to partner with the Redemptorists to create this "one of a kind" Rosary CD. We put Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the front cover because Pope Pius IX gave the Redemptorists the icon with the stipulation that they “make her known throughout the world”. This 2-CD set with all 20 decades is the first Rosary CD to feature the music of a saint, and there are more unique qualities. This Rosary CD is also the first time St. Alphonsus’ music has been recorded in this country and translated into English. Theresa translated the original Italian with the help of the Redemptorist Fathers. St. Alphonsus’ melodies are simple and singable. He wanted the common man to be able to sing his hymns. Yet the more you hear St Alphonsus’ music, the more you can appreciate its depth. His music has not just human dimensions, but it also touches the soul. The meditations on the Rosary CD are taken from St. Alphonsus' writings, especially "The Glories of Mary." We wanted this Rosary CD to feel like you are praying the Rosary with St. Alphonsus right next to you. His music and meditations make praying the Rosary a very unique experience and it's of highest quality with internationally renowned singers and musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

A few years ago for Lent, we released the production of "Praying The Way of the Cross with St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, featuring Liam Neeson”. We hope you enjoy all the products produced by Little Lamb Music. May we obtain more grace through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and come to know and love Jesus more fully. May we continue to pray for each other.

Ray and Theresa Herrmann


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